What To Wear To A Blacklight Glow Party

Who wants to show up and find out they’re so much less cool-looking than everyone there? Nobody!

If you want to glow like crazy at your next glow party (and have more fun!) then there are some things that you need to know about blacklights, glow paint, glow sticks, and luminescence.

Let’s dig into what you need to get ready and have a blast!

Which clothes look good under black lights?

which clothes look good under black lights

What you wear at a glow party will have a huge impact on how well your glow. Some people experiment with all different types of clothes to see what really makes them glow the best.

To summarize, are the best glow party outfit options:

  • Bright clothing contrasted by dark clothing: The darker and brighter your clothing is, the more likely it’s going to stand out under black lights. If there is too much patterning in light colors, it will blend into the glow.
  • Bright colors: Neon, fluorescent, and pastel colors glow under black light. Colors to avoid are dark blues, purples, and greens as they don’t glow very brightly in a blacklight. For best results wear bright clothing with vivid patterns or logos on them if you can! That way your outfit is going to glow bright and will be a conversation starter!
  • Clothing with an extra glow: Glow in the dark and glow reflective materials can also be a great way to add some flare to your glow clothing if they don’t already glow on their own! These can include fluorescent fabrics, glow fabric paint, or even adding white star stickers around the edges of glow-in-the-dark clothing.
  • Metallic clothing: Shiny fabrics glow under black light, so you can go crazy with your outfit if it’s metallic! This includes metallics like suede or leather in addition to shiny silks and satin materials. It will glow brightly which means everyone at the party is going to be jealous they don’t have glow party clothes like what you’re wearing.

You can buy some great options like neon suspenders, hats, socks, gloves, and just about whatever you need to fit your style without giving up that awesome bright glow.

What to wear to a blacklight glow party

what to ear to a blacklight glow party

First and foremost, you need to know that glow paint is the way to go at a glow party. Put on your best glow somewhere else if you’re thinking of using glow sticks or anything like that.

You’ll be able to see it more with glow paint than any other form of lighting (except for blacklight), so put as much as possible all over yourself! This includes some bright colors such as pink, purple, green, and orange; but also neutrals like white work well too since they reflect light better than darker colors.

There’s glitter available in those same colors which will make sure anyone looking at you can’t resist staring and wondering where you got something so cool – plus there are even neon versions out there now!

Does neon paint glow under black light?

Yes! If you’re unsure how glow paint works, then this is what you need to know: glow paint glows in black light. That’s why it’s perfect for your glow party! It contains phosphorescent material that absorbs incoming UV rays from the blacklight and emits visible radiation of its own which makes whatever you have painted glow.

This stuff goes a long way so don’t worry about having too much fun with applying it or getting messy while doing so; however if things do get out of control simply use soap and water to wash off when done partying for the evening.

Are glow sticks cool to wear at a glow party?

are glow sticks cool to wear at a glow party

Glow sticks are an awesome idea for glow parties, but they’re definitely not the best. They don’t emit nearly as much light as glow paint does and can be a little bit distracting when you’re trying to look at someone’s face or what kind of clothes they have on under that blacklight!

What about glow necklaces?

Glow necklaces can be a cool little accessory, especially if you’re wearing something really bright which makes the necklace stand out even more. That said, there’s a reason this isn’t a top choice – glow necklaces don’t glow very bright.

Glow sticks are great if you need something to help light your way or stay safe somewhere when walking distances in the dark (like at a music festival outdoors or parties out in the country) but definitely not the first choice when choosing what type of lighting you want at your glow party.

What about glow paints for hair?

what about glow paints for hair

Glow paint is awesome because it works on all kinds of surfaces and you can even put it in people’s hair! It comes off easily with water so don’t worry if things get a little bit messy, but the results are definitely worth it – plus this way you can glow like crazy in a truly unique way and not have to worry about what you’re wearing.